Nowadays there are so many new DJs and each of them seems to have begun their career even earlier than the last. You hear bios like "He began his career at age 12 when he tripped and fell over a pair of turntables sneaking out with his older brother..." or "He grew up in his father's bar, who spun him to sleep at night on the decks...", etc. Well, to go with this tradition, how can we try to outbio these dj prodigies? We can not trace our lineage back to Bach or Herman Melville (we love Moby), but we can go back a generation, where our humble Lost was conceived at a Hippie Woodstock-type Love Festival, Greatful Dead Concert, the raves of the 60s-70s, filled with psychedelic drugs and psychedelic music. From there Lost listened to psychedelic and new age music in the womb and throughout his childhood. His first opportunity to pick up a musical instrument arrived in elementary school, and by high school he was performing in state competitions, university orchestras, and professional ensembles. He entered university on a Music Performance scholarship and double majored in Music Performance and Electrical Engineering.

All the while making religious weekly trips to the vinyl record shops, eventually his vinyl collection reached critical mass, so the mixing began, leading to a pair of Technics SL-1200s with Ortofons and a Pioneer mixer. He found his way into a Saturday Night residency which hosted main attractions Paul Van Dyk, Paul Oakenfold, Robert Miles, Sasha and John Digweed, Bad Boy Bill, Sandra Collins, Hybrid, Nick Warren, Slacker, Pete Bones, John Creamer among others.

Earlier days he worked under the pseudonym Unity, influenced more by an early Oakie and Sasha sound, and them migrated into a darker Digweed sound, under the monikers Brethren and Raven, with releases in dance and vinyl shops across the U.S. He has been releasing progressive and tech-trance sets as Lost DJ, and recently more radio-friendly and animated main-stage sets in the Lost FM series.

His mixed productions are generally released in series formats, each exploring a new theme and designed for at-home listening, but his live performances will shock you with tremendous energy, always playing fresh tracks, never overplaying hits, always revealing a sense of artistic Lost style. Sets create a story, with a beginning, a middle, and an end, a five-act play. He does not jump from one track to the next without flow. He takes you on a smooth, musical journey, lifts you up and sets you back down, leaving you with a memory of something new and amazing.